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Discover the photos of the "Train Capitale" show.

The greatest railway event in France in 2003 was the organization of a show in Paris, on the very famous "Champs-Elysées" Avenue.

From May 17, 2003 to June 15, 2003, Paris welcomed the "Train Capitale" exhibition about the railway transport. This major event allowed the visitors to discover the French Railway History.

This meeting was exceptional since "Train Capitale" had been the largest railway show ever organized. 150 years of the rail history were related.

The heritage of the S.N.C.F. (the French National Railway Company) was presented as well as the state-of-the-art railway technologies.

Among the locomotives with a glorious past, a reproduction of the famous locomotive made by Marc Seguin in France who invented the technique of the tubular boiler in 1825 and a Crampton locomotive were shown.

The power unit of the TGV Réseau (trainset 531) which established a record between Calais and Marseille (1,067.2 kilometres in 3h29), was presented. On May 26, 2001, this train reached an average speed of 190 mph (306 kph).

Bombardier, one of the sponsors of "Train Capitale", unveiled its AGC (Autorail Grande Capacité) railcar. This railcar began its regional service in France in 2004. It is built at the ANF Industries factory, in Crespin, near Valenciennes, in Northern France.

The 'Autorail Grande Capacité' made by Bombardier

The 'Autorail à Grande Capacité' railcar

A new regional railcar, the ZTER, was shown as well by the French train manufacturer, Alstom, another sponsor of this exhibition.

The new Corail Téoz cars officially unveiled on May 20, circulated on the "Champs-Elysées" Avenue, on June 1, on a temporary railway set up for this very peculiar event.

A special part of the show is dedicated to the High-Speed railways in Europe and especially the TGV train in France. The visitors also have the opportunity to discover the various jobs of the S.N.C.F. company thanks to diverse cultural activities proposed during the four weeks of this rail show.

Discover the photos of the "Train Capitale" show.

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