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A movie clip of the 4605 ICE 3 trainset during high-speed tests on the French rail network                  Photos of Eurostar high-speed trains in England and France                  Pictures of the BB 7200 electric locomotive with different liveries                  New photos of French XTER X72500 railcars in Provence have been added.                  Visit the updated photo gallery of X73500 SNCF Diesel railcars in France                  Photos of BB 25500 SNCF electric locomotives in France with different liveries                  New pictures of BB 66000 Diesel-electric locomotives have been added to the photo gallery.                  Discover new photos of the BB 22200 Alsthom electric locomotive (including the BB 22266 with the "En voyage" livery)                  The new page dedicated to the BB8500 and BB88500 SNCF locomotives                  A new photo gallery dedicated to electric trainsets on the suburban rail network around Paris has been added.                  A new movie clip of a bauxite train in Southern France has been added to the various rail movies.                  Various pictures of the Garabit viaduct on the Neussargues-Béziers railway line are now available.                  New pictures have been added to the gallery of SNCF railcars in France                  Two BB 67400 freight locomotives hauling a bauxite train with a BB 67200 locomotive pushing the train                  A video clip of a train of tank wagons hauled by two BB 66000 Diesel locomotives                  Photos of BB 67400 Diesel locomotives in the "En voyage" and "Multiservice" liveries                  Photos of the rolling stock on the French rail network                  A video clip of a German ICE high-speed trainset leaving Aix-en-Provence TGV                  A movie clip of the experimental TGV POS (Paris-Ostfrankreich-Süddeutschland) train during high-speed tests in France                  A video clip of a CC 6500 electric locomotive (a former CC 21000 locomotive) in the Miramas station in Southern France                  Exclusive images of the German high-speed train during its special tour in Provence                  Photos of the ICE 3 Siemens Adtranz train during high-speed tests in France                  A movie clip of a Corail Teoz train hauled by a BB 22200 Alsthom locomotive in Provence on the Bordeaux - Nice railway                  A movie clip of three Diesel locomotives in Southern France: the BB 67539 locomotive has kept its original arrow on both sides despite the "FRET SNCF" livery                  Photos of railcars, MOW cars, switching locomotives and speeders in France.                  A new photo gallery dedicated to BB 67400 freight locomotives                  A video clip of a bauxite train hauled by BB 67400 locomotives close to the aerodrome of Les Milles near Aix-en-Provence                  A movie clip involving a BB 22200 locomotive hauling a freight train in Normandy                  A video of a bauxite train hauled by BB 67400 Diesel locomotives near the station of Velaux                  A movie clip of three TER 2N railcars in Provence                  A video of a BB 17000 locomotive in the "Ile-de-France" livery in Normandy                  A video of a TGV Duplex train near the La Penne-sur-Huveaune station                  A video of French BB 25500 locomotives hauling other locomotives in Normandy                  Discover some pictures of the new regional train designed by Alstom Transport and belonging to the CORADIA Duplex family                  A movie clip of a BB 9300 locomotive with Corail SNCF cars leaving Bordeaux                  Videos of railcars in France: video films of French railcars                  Videos of SNCF trains in France: movie clips of Diesel, electric and steam locomotives                  Discover the updated gallery of pictures of locomotives in France                  Videos of trains in France : high-speed trains (the TGV train in France), locomotives and railcars                  Videos of the French TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) train and high-speed trains in Europe                  The new gallery of photos of French trains (passenger and freight trains)                  Photos of Marseille                  The photos of the Millau viaduct in France                  A video of the Millau viaduct in France straddling the Clermont- Ferrand Béziers railway                  A movie clip of a TGV Sud-Est trainset from Paris to Marseilles on the Mediterranean TGV railway                  The Millau viaduct straddling the Clermont-Ferrand - Béziers railway                  TGV Videos : a TGV Sud-Est trainset leaving Marseilles                  The impending opening of the Cannes - Grasse railroad in Southern France                  The Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the D-Day : the "Train of Free France"                  The Crampton steam locomotive during the rail exhibition in Paris (2003)                  Discover new pictures of Marc Seguin's steam locomotive    

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