Videos of French railcars


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Videos of TER 2N (Z 23500) railcars by Alstom Transport

A movie clip of a TER 2N electric trainset in Miramas
Video of three TER 2N railcars in Provence
Two Z23500 French railcars and a Eurostar trainset

Videos of the TER 2N NG (Z 24500 - Z 26500) railcar by Alstom Transport

Video of a Z 26500 railcar - Video of a TER 2N NG railcar in Provence

Videos of ATER X 73500 Diesel railcars from Alstom Transport

Two X73500 railcars crossing the viaduct of Garabit

Video of the AGC (Autorail à Grande Capacité) railcar (X 76500, B 81500, Z 27500) by Bombardier Transport

Video of a XGC railcar in the Department of the Alpes-Maritimes
An exclusive video clip of a X76500 Diesel railcar running on the Carpentras-Sorgues railway

Pictures of railcars

All the French rail videos (TGV, locomotives and railcars)

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