TGV video clips in Europe and France


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Videos of TGV and ICE trainsets
Movie clips of French and German
high-speed trains in France


Videos of TGV Sud-Est trains

A TGV Sud-Est trainset leaving Marseille Saint-Charles to Paris-Gare de Lyon
A TGV train on the Mediterranean TGV line near Aix-en-Provence TGV
Two TGV trainsets on the Marseilles - Nice railway
A TGV Sud-Est train overtaking a steam train in Carnoules (Var)
A crossing between a TGV La Poste trainset and a TGV Duplex trainset
Two TGV Sud-Est trainsets in Provence
Two TGV trains by Alsthom running between Marseilles and Aubagne

Videos of TGV Réseau trains

A TGV Réseau train crossing the viaduct of Vernègues
A TGV Réseau (trainset 522) in the Avignon TGV station

A vidéo of a TGV RD train

A TGV RD trainset coupled with a TGV Duplex trainset

Videos of TGV Duplex trains

Two TGV Duplex trainsets near the TGV station of Aix-en-Provence
A TGV Duplex train on the Marseille - Nice railway
A crossing between two TGV Duplex trains and a BB 26000 SYBIC hauling a passenger train
Two TGV Duplex high-speed trains running on the Aubagne - Marseille railway

Videos of the TGV POS train

The experimental TGV POS trainset in southern France
The 4403 TGV POS trainset during high-speed tests on the Valence-Marseille railway

Videos of the ICE 3 train

The 4605 ICE 3 trainset during high-speed tests in France
A German high-speed train leaving Aix-en-Provence TGV
A high-speed ICE3 train on the French rail network

Videos of the Eurostar train

A Eurostar train stopping at Lille Europe station
A Eurostar trainset during a special journey from London to Cannes

Videos of SNCF locomotives

Videos of railcars in France

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